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MP Series – Easily Customized Mobile Work Platform

MP Series – Easily Customized Mobile Work Platform

The MP Series adds unparalleled mobility to the workspace of a fixed platform. The powder-coated handrails, full-size 45° rise stair stringer and standard-sized steps meet OSHA specifications for mobile platforms. The lightweight aluminum construction and 360° swiveling casters make the mobile platform easily maneuverable by a single person.

Flatbed Trucks

A customized MP series rolling platform is perfect for providing safe access to flat bed trucks. A 53 foot long version is easily rolled into place by one person. Many variations are possible for your special application

Configurable Handrails

Removable handrails give the MP series mobile platform versatility to suit almost any application. Remove the cantilever end handrail to access an area over an obstruction or remove an entire side to access a flatbed trailer. Each handrail slides securely into and out of its retaining sleeve without tools, allowing operators to reconfigure the platform in the field.

Highly Mobile

Moving the work platform is a one-man (or woman) job. The 360° swiveling casters allow the unit to be precisely positioned against even delicate machinery. And the locking casters prevent both swivel and roll, while the soft no-flat tires roll easily over asphalt and gravel.

MP Series – Easily Customized Mobile Work Platform